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My name is Richard Neville and I want to get you chosen field ready. I will help you to plan your next career steps according to your interests, your passions and your skills. You might have given up on the idea of working in your chosen field; on using your natural skills and being passionate about your work – but people with passion don’t give up!

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How can I help you?

I offer a simple progressive program of packages, starting with a FREE getting to know you
assessment and evaluation. 

Get to Know You

Start with my FREE assessment and evaluation service. Let me take a look at your CV and online presence.

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1 to 1 Health Check

If you need more support, then 1 to 1 is the way to go; it’s like a check-up
for your career goals!

Work With Me

Is your organisation passionate about putting the right person in the right job? Or are you an individual doing a job you love and can spare some time to help someone just starting out? I would love to hear from you and discuss how Chosen Field can improve the lives of skilled and passionate people who WANT to work.

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